The Health Benefits of Apple

The Health Benefits of Apple

You grow up knowing this adage: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But until now, you are not sure why this saying is created and how an apple can actually make your physician go away. Yes, you are this clueless because until now, you continue to live a not-so-healthy lifestyle. But you can begin with eating fruits, such as apple. An apple offers so many health benefits and these are only some of them:

1. Apple is rich with soluble fiber, which is known to lower your risk to some intestinal problems, such as hemorrhoids and diverticulitis. This fiber may also reduce your risk to some cancer types. It also assists in controlling insulin levels by discharging sugar into the arteries slowly. It works for cleansing and detoxification, which aid in the removal of heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, in our body.

Similarly, it also lets you manage your weight. If you feel like eating or biting something, you may munch on a piece of apple. It fills up your stomach or satisfies your hunger without actually increasing the amount of calories inside your body.

3. Red apple improves our immune system because it has quercetin, an antioxidant that recent researches discovered to help enhance and strengthen the immune system. A stronger immune system fights off bacteria and viruses; hence, preventing us from catching common illnesses, such as flu and colds.

4. Apple makes your heart healthy. This is what the Iowa Women’s Health Study has found out. From among the more than 34,000 women it monitored for almost 20 years, the researchers were able to associate apples to reduced risk to coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease deaths. A few years before this, some Finnish researchers analyzed the dietary data of over 9,000 men and women for almost 30 years and discovered that regular apple eaters had the lower risk of suffering from strokes compared to those who are non-eaters. They attribute this to the anti-oxidant compounds present in apples. These stop LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, as well as avoid inflammation.

5. An apple a day makes you an unlikely candidate for cataracts. Long-term researches indicated that individuals who follow a diet loaded with antioxidant-rich fruits, such as apples, have 10 to 15 percent reduced risk to cataracts.

6. Apples decrease your risk to skin and respiratory diseases. Studies have found out that consuming apple a day lowers your risk to skin disease. On the other hand, two researches revealed that eating five apples each week reduces the development of respiratory illnesses.

7. You may not know it but eating an apple prior to exercising may improve your workout endurance. This is again, because of the presence of quercetin.

Now you fully understand the adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The health benefits written above should even make you a regular eater of the fruit. Anyway, it will not hurt your pocket if you store a few apples on your fridge for your consumption.


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