The Gift Of A New Year

The Gift Of A New Year
Well, another year has come and gone. My, how time passes. As I get older, time seems to pass much quicker than it used to. As I get older, I would like for time to slow down and allow me to experience it more than when I was younger. Maybe you understand what I am saying. My life has always been “hurry, hurry”.

As we awake into a New Year, my wish for all of us is to enjoy the gift of nature and peacefulness. I believe this is what brings about true spiritual knowledge and perfection…sitting, contemplating, praying, and listening.

Hear the birds? Do they sound unhappy? No, on the contrary, they live in a hostile environment but see peacefulness all around them.

There are no exceptions to hard times. All humans and creatures experience them. The difficult choices are what makes peace or growth through trials.

Today is a great day to start over if we choose. Everyday is a gift to us. As we open our eyes after a night’s sleep, we just unwrapped a new present. Use this gift of a day to be open to new ideas. Some may wake up and see the new day as a drudgery, but this is the only day in your life that will be like that day. No other day can ever take the place of this day. Be alive! Be vibrant! Learn. Watch. Listen. Even the birds have something to teach us.

I wish for you all to awake into the New Year filled with happiness, peace, good health, and lots of love. Try to turn everything into love. Thank you all for your love and support.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

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