Sleep: It’s Not Just About Beauty

Sleep: It’s Not Just About Beauty


Researchers have proven that when the body is in a deep sleep, the body has the opportunity to help heal itself. Think about the time you felt you were about to “come down” with the flu or a cold. Most likely you felt sleepy or that if you could just go lie down and sleep, you would feel better. Once you did go to bed and sleep, you woke up and did feel better and maybe even a little hungry. When we are in a deep sleep the immune system and it’s hormones are able to kick in and work properly. It has been proven that all people have cancerous cells in their body forming daily but our immune system is at work fighting cancer off. Laboratory research using mice with severe sleep deprivation has proven accelerated tumor growth happens. This is one of the reasons that a good nightly sleep is vital for keeping us healthy.

Getting a good night sleep is critical to staying healthy and keeping a good working immune system. Remember, your immune system is your first and last defense for your body. One simple trick to try before the next article is out, is to be sure to turn off all  your lights and the TV when you are ready to sleep. Let’s not trick our pineal gland into thinking it is still daylight.


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