Radioactive Tuna Arrives to the US Shores

Radioactive Tuna Arrives to the US Shores
Tuna has always been one of my favorite types fish. I love it filleted, grilled, in tuna salad and tuna casserole… You name it, I love it! For the past few years I have cut my tuna intake down significantly due to the findings of the high mercury content it carries. As we all have heard, mercury can be deadly and once it is in the body it is there to stay and accumulate unless medically treated!

It has been documented for years we should be aware that tuna could contain mercury and we should be careful with what kind of tuna and the amount of tuna we eat. The FDA has advised all pregnant women to watch their intake of tuna.

Well, here is another scare. released findings that Bluefin tuna are carrying the radioactive contamination from Japan’s nuclear plant. It has arrived on the US shores. The Pacific Bluefin tuna is said to be one of the fastest swimming fish there is. The tuna can grow up to 10 feet and weigh more than 1,000 pounds! I had no idea. The bluefin tuna spawn off the Japan coast and swim east to the California waters and the tip of Baja California, Mexico. I have been to the Baja area and have seen the vast numbers of tuna traps.

They have found levels of radioactive cesium in the recently caught tune to be ten times higher than the normal amount. This would not be good for us or our children to be eating. Remember, it is said that, “We are what we eat.”

The new findings concerns me that I should stop eating tuna all together. Bummer!


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