The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plan

The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plan
After munching and gulping the night away on Thanksgiving dinner, it’s now time to follow a simple post-Thanksgiving detox plan to get your body back in shape.


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After eating to their stomach’s content on Thanksgiving dinner, many people find themselves complaining because they feel so bloated and unhealthy. While that kind of regret and self-pity won’t last long, it still would be better to have a rescue plan to help your body get rid of all the bad toxins you may have taken in after eating all kinds of foods, which are mostly filled with preservatives and other unnatural chemicals.

Thankfully though, there are ways to start anew, and that does not include eating away your sorrow by helping yourself to that leftover stuffing in your fridge. Here’s a detox plan that you can follow to start feeling great again. After all, your body has a very effective way of informing you of its state, whether through dry skin, weight gain or loss, or illnesses, so keep an eye out for any oddities in your bodily functions and appearance after a day’s binge.

Counting Your Calories

Did you know that on Thanksgiving, people normally eat 4,000 calories’ worth of food, which is more or less the amount we consume for two days! To make things worse, all the dishes served during this event are chock full of preservatives, refined sugar, salt, and of course, saturated fat. No wonder people feel so weak and find their stomachs expanded beyond its normal capacity days after the holiday.

The best way to return to your normal self is to have a healthy meal three times a day right after Thanksgiving. That means getting rid of holiday eating behavior and cutting down your calories from the normal 2,000 to only 1,500 for at least a week until you feel better.


Water is the best and cheapest way to clean your system after binge eating on Thanksgiving dinner. It will help carry the lost nutrients you replace to the various parts  of your body. Adding lemon or any citrus fruits high in vitamin C can help detoxify your body of toxins.

Oats, Fruits, and Nuts

Start the day with a healthy meal and you’re one step closer to redeeming what you have lost in one day. Foods that are high in alcohol or loaded with fat do not only promote weight gain, they also disrupt your digestive system for several days. This is why the perfect breakfast would be oatmeal or cereal sprinkled with the right amount of fruits and nuts, which is high in fiber and rich in antioxidants that you need to take care of that bloated feeling that you hate.

Don’t Forget Your Veggies!

Whether you’re having it as an afternoon snack or a main dish for lunch, vegetables are your saving grace, they can replenish lost nutrients and restore your body’s energy levels, not to mention improve your concentration.

Why Do People Eat a Lot on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving has always been the holiday where people tend to overeat, mainly because it’s original purpose was to be thankful for a bountiful Autumn harvest. This was eventually turned into a national holiday when the United States became independent. That is why there is no better way to celebrate such a wonderful blessing than to cook the best dishes for family and friends, because it is in a way, showcasing the fruits of your labor.

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