Office Exercises You Should Practice at your Desk

Exercises at work

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Looking for office exercises you should practice at your desk? It is not always easy to find time to exercise particularly when you put in full days at the office. For most folks, there is always a little bit of time between tasks as you sit in front of your laptops. Taking advantage of the time it takes between activities to get some physical exercise may be just the thing to protect you from repetitive motion injury, stiffness and sore wrists. Of course, no one wants to get too sweaty but doing a few exercises to get your heart rate up and keep your office clothing neat may increase your health in leaps and bounds.

Wrist Stretches
In front of you with palms up, stretch out your arms. Grab your fingers with your other hand and pull them lightly down to get your forearm stretched. You can also do hand stretches while relaxing and tensing hand muscles. Bend your fingers and spread your fingers alternating with fist-making.

Shoulder Raising
While seated at your desk, raise shoulders to your ears, keep them there for a bit and then relax. Alternate shoulders and repeat this as you feel necessary.

Leg Extensions
Extend your right leg while sitting in your chair until they are at hip-level. Hold this position as long as you can for the right leg, then the left leg. Alternate sides throughout the day and try and hold these for as long as you can.

Squat Plies
Take a wide stance and point your toes outward. In the direction of your toes, slowly bend your knees. Slowly stand up once you can no longer see your toes. Compared to regular squats, plie squats are more graceful. If your work attire includes a skirt, you can wait to do this on a day you are wearing pants.

Walk the Halls
As fast as you can without actually running, walk down the office hall and back up again. Do this a few times a day to get your circulation going and you might be surprised how much healthier you become as the weeks and months go by. You can even add in some lunges. Take the widest step while walking and lunge forward now and again.

Hip Flexes
Sit in your office chair and lift your right foot off the floor a few inches. At a ninety-degree angle, keep your knee bent and as long as you can, hold this position.

Calf Raises
Stand in front of some office furniture such as your desk which you can hold on to for balancing. Raise each heel off the floor and lower them slowly.

Taking the Stairs
If you need a workout that is more vigorous, try taking stairs 2 at a time. This way, you get the opportunity to do some leg stretching more than you otherwise would.

Foot Drills
Football players at practice rapidly simulate running while tapping their feet in place rapidly. You can do this even while you are seated in your office chair. Do this half a minute at a time for best results.

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