Nasties In Your Mouth (Oral Bacteria)

Nasties In Your Mouth (Oral Bacteria)

Did you know that your mouth is considered “The Gatekeeper” to your body? It is said that there is more bacteria in one mouth than there are in the world.

Bacteria can stick together and multiply over and over forming a colony of what is known as a plaque biofilm. Plaque biofilms can grow rapidly in one day and can cover the entire mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums. These inflammatory cells are very dangerous to our bodies because they can get into our bloodstream. It has been proven that our mouth hygiene (or lack of), can cause heart problems, rheumatoid
arthritis, and many other diseases.

I have included a great video for you to watch when you have the time.

Brushing two or three times a day doesn’t seem to be enough. We need to floss and use a water pick.

Whatever we can do to help prevent illnesses should be a must on our list. Medical prevention is much easier than spending time in the doctor’s office or hospital.

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