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Lessons From America’s Oldest Men

Lessons From America’s Oldest Men


Image Source: Unsplash

Image Source:Unsplash

America’s oldest man, Shelby Harris, passed away on July 25, 2012. He was a wise 111 year old. When asked what was he secret to a long life, he replied, “Love people and believe in them.”Before Mr Harris’ title of being “America’s Oldest Person”, was Mr. Walter Breuing. Mr Breuing died at the young age of 114. The video shows Mr Harris on his 114th birthday!

Mr Breuing gave advise to us which makes a lot of sense. He stated that:

*The more you do for others, the better shape you’re in.

*Work as long as you can. “That money’s going to come in handy.”

*Eat two meals a day. “Thats all you need.”

*Embrace change, even when the change slaps you in the face. “Every change is good.”

*“We’re going to die. Some people are scared of dying. Never be afraid to die because you’re born to die.”

My grandmother, Clara Strickland died at age 106. She was a great lady. She also loved people with all her heart. I can never remember her as a sad old lady. She was always smiling and kissing you on the cheek, even in her last years. Im sure it was hard for her at times, for she had seen a lot of grief in her life time. She was married, had six children, and many many grandchildren. She out lived her husband, all six of her children, and several of her grandchildren. Can you imagine the grief her heart had experienced. However, she believed in God and she believed that every day given to us is a gift. She found a way to go forward for the living.

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