Instant Happiness

Instant Happiness
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No one ever says, “No I do not want to be happy or have success in life”. We all want to become happier. Now the question is, what can make us happier? Recently I came across this short video with a few suggestions.

The video explained that over the last forty years it has been studied and proven that women are becoming less happier with their lives. That’s interesting to me. What has changed to make us so dissatisfied with things?

Regardless of the reasons we seem to be less happy, we need to think about what it would take to make us happier. Everyone knows that when one is happy, most everyone around the happy person becomes happier, even if only for a short time.

The video gives three simple things that can give us instant happiness. I, for one, will not turn down instant happiness. These three things are:
1. Exercise
2. have an attitude of gratitude
3. volunteer your time

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