Dec. 13, 2011: House Votes on Medicare Issue

Dec. 13, 2011: House Votes on Medicare Issue

Yesterday, December, 13, 2011, I along with hundreds of other United States doctors received a Medscape News Alert.   The following is an excerpt from the article we received. The above link can give you more information.“Approved in a 234-193 vote, the House bill would extend a temporary cut to the Social Security payroll tax paid by workers for 1 more year, keeping it at 4.2%. Without this renewal, the tax will return to its former level of 6.2% on January 1. House Republicans propose paying for the extension by, among other things, increasing Medicare premiums for high-income beneficiaries and freezing compensation for federal workers through fiscal 2013. Senate Democrats, however, want to offset the cost by imposing a surtax on millionaires, a move already kiboshed by their Republican opponents.”

It looks to me like no matter what, Medicare benefits will cover less, your doctor will be paid less, and you may end up paying more out of your pocket for good health care.

Please seniors and everyone, think ahead and lets all try to live a healthier life. Get plenty of rest, eat well balanced meals, exercise if you possibly can, and try to find happiness and love in everything that comes your way.


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