Animal By-Products

Animal By-Products


The following information was given to me by a patient who worked with an “all natural” cosmetic company. It is a little gruesome and is not meant to offend or upset anyone. I am only sharing this information for educational reason and I hope you do your own research and decide what you think.

First, let me say when I first read it, I thought, No way! As I started thinking about it though, we all know there are many medications which contain horse urine and other things. We know that Mad Cow Disease came from feeding the cows cow parts. So, why should this seem so strange?

We hear this catch phrase all the time “animal by-products” but who really knows what they are and where they come from? It is a nasty little secret that the cosmetic companies DON’T want you to know. I recently found out myself when I read the book, Mad Cowboy by Howard F. Lyman. In his book he writes:

“I am a fourth generation dairy farmer and cattle rancher. I grew up on a dairy farm in Montana, and I ran a feedlot operation for twenty years. I know first-hand how cattle are raised and how meat is produced in this country.
When a cow is slaughtered, half of it by weight is not eaten by humans; this includes the intestines and their contents, the head, the hooves, the horns, as well as the bones and blood. These are dumped into giant grinders at rendering plants, as well as the entire bodies of cows and other farm animals known to be diseased.

There is no such thing in America as an animal too ravaged by disease, too cancerous, or too putrid to be welcomed by the all-embracing arms of the renderer.

Another staple of the renderer’s diet, in addition to farm animals, is euthanized pets- the six or seven million dogs and cats that are killed in animal shelters every year. Added to the blend are the euthanized catch of animal control agencies, and road-kill. (Road-kill is not collected daily, so in the summer, the better road-kill crews can generally smell it before they can see it…). When this gruesome mix is ground and steam-cooked, the lighter, fatty material floating to the top gets refined for use in such products such as cosmetics, lubricants, soaps, candles, and waxes.”

Ok, I know it was hard to read, but what do you think?

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