We Are Dying Earlier Than Other Countries

We Are Dying Earlier Than Other Countries


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Recently the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine released a new report titled “U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health”. The study was commissioned to find out why life expectancy in the United States is going downward compared to other countries who are considered high-income democracies.

I have included a link for you to go to so you can read the entire article which CNN reported.

Your thoughts: Americans dying earlier than their peers

This article speaks of how we are an obese nation full of addiction to drugs and alcohol. It goes on to say, “With Medicare and Social Security costs ‘out of control’, at least according to some, why would we want people to live longer?” commenter Jmm72 asked. “ If they waved a magic wand and our life expectancies suddenly jumped to world-class levels, it would break the bank. Good thing the only measure that counts in the U.S. is profit.” I know, I know, that’s harsh. That is why I included the link for you to read. I do think it is a shame that we (the United States of America), have dropped and are continuing to drop in all aspects of our health care. You can easily find on all the World Charts that even third world countries are rising above us in health care. We have to stop and think about why. Is it really greed? I do think that is part of it. I also think that because of the greed, compassion fell by the wayside. I think good medicine is not just strictly science but love for the craft and love for the people. “Hope” and “Love” is a supernatural remedy given freely. When people feel there is no hope and no love, it is very hard for them to even feel that they can get well. I feel our medical society needs to find the joy in their jobs once again. I have been in the foreign countries where doctors only make $400 a month. I have seen how the love of their job transforms patients into wanting to get better. Once someone wants to get better, there is that possibility they may. How many people have you seen get better when they did not want to? The mind and heart are very powerful!

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