The Super Brain

The Super Brain


Have you read Deepak Chopra’s new book called Super Brain? If not, I would recommend it. Dr. Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi of Harvard Medical teamed up to bring to us ways that we can use our brain in order to make it better. They believe that the secret to improving our brain is to understand the uniqueness that brain has.

It is believed, brain is the only organ in our body that changes with the way our mind relates to it. Don’t let that confuse you. They believe that if we relate to our brain in positive or negative ways, and depending on which we choose, our brain cells, neural pathways and areas of high and low activity can be and will be altered.

I can’t speak for you, but I need all the brain help I can get. In today’s world, everyone cares about how they look on the outside. We need to care more about what is going on in the inside that we can’t see, especially upstairs.

Deepak Chopra believes just by thinking your brain into better remembering, better functioning is the most efficient way to improve it. If we can conquer our thoughts about our brain in order to make it better and more efficient, our organs will follow. After all, our thoughts have to start with the brain, or at least that is what Chopra thinks.

Dr. Chopra believes that the best way to relate to our brain is to inspire it and the worst way is to ignore it. Since our brain hears every thought, word, action, it’s important not to put too much junk in there.

How can we inspire our brain? By lessening the amount of stress we have in our life. Avoid getting into a rut or routine. Do different things you do not normally do. Drive a different route to work and look at your surroundings. Take time to sit in nature and listen to the sounds. Try to count how many different sounds you hear. Pay attention to being happy. Take time to relax, meditate and self-reflect. Deal with negative emotions like anger and anxiety. Try to deal with grief. Give of yourself even if it’s just a smile that you feel someone needs. There are many ways to inspire our brains. We need to try not to get set in our ways.

It’s a great book that introduces to the world that we can strive for a better brain if we want it.

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