Why Leukemia Can Return After Chemotherapy

Scientist from the Weizmann Institute of Science researched the possible reasons why leukemia returned after chemotherapy and patients reaching remission. It looks like they forgot to research about the immune system’s wonderful ability to help fight cancer. Their new research revealed that the cancer involves a breakdown in the body’s mechanism that works to regulate the pace of cell division. Cancer cells can divide rapidly, and if not totally stopped, can overtake the body. I think any cancer patient already has that figured out.

Professor Ethan Shapiro of the Weizman Institute’s Biological Chemistry and Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences Department, worked with the researchers of the study. They used a method of reconstructing the lineage of cells. This method was based on the fact that the genetic material in cells accumulates unique mutations during cell division, and in turn, these mutations are passed on to daughter cells during cell division. When they compared the mutations, they could map out the cells’ detailed family trees and determine how far back they shared a common ancestor. Ok, now they have my attention. The research showed a tree that reconstructed the patient cells from their earliest beginnings at the base of the tree to the youngest cells at the tips of the branches.

The scientists found that in some patients, the recurrence of cancer was not in the rapidly proliferating cancer cells, but rather in cells that were close to the root of the tree. In other words, the cancer came back because it came from the cells that divided very slowly, making them resistant to the attacks of the chemotherapy drugs. Just the opposite of what a lot of patients think and what they are told.

Professor Shapiro stated, “We know that in many cases, chemotherapy alone is not able to cure leukemia. Our results suggest that to completely eliminate it, we must look  for treatment that will not only eliminate the rapidly dividing cells, but also target the cancer stem cells that are resistant to conventional treatment.” Well, in my opinion,  I would like to say Hooray for someone finally admitting to that.

It seems that in today’s medical world, doctors want to do chemotherapy and radiation for every type cancer and every type patient. Our doctors at New Hope Unlimited, believe differently. We believe that the immune system is the first and last defense. Yes, you have to do anti-tumor/ anti-cancer protocols, but you also need to do immune stimulating protocols. We believe in alternative and complimentary anti-tumor protocols.

We believe that once the patient has cancer, they definitely need cancer protocols to fight the cancer. But at the same time we feel there must be protocols in order to help build the immune system. By building the immune system, it helps the body to fight for itself. For instance, when Professor Shapiro was talking about the slow growing cancer stem cells bringing a patient out of remission, I would say that patient was never in remission because they still had cancerous abnormal stem cells. Maybe if the patient’s immune system was working as it should have been, perhaps the immune system would have destroyed those slow-growing cancer stem cells.

Our doctors and staff believe that it is as important to build the immune system as it is to do protocols to get rid of the cancer. They go hand-in-hand. If you do not get rid of every cancer abnormal cell, it can easily return. By building the immune system so it can fight, gives that patient an extra amount of fight, protection, and can possibly save their life or add years to their life. The immune system is an amazing tool and medicine that gets so little attention but is so great in every one of us.

-Dr Fredda Branyon

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