National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Here Are Things to Know About

Colorectal cancer is a highly fatal disease affecting 150,000 Americans yearly and almost half of them die from the disease. This cancer is in the top 2 of leading cause of deaths in the US.

But don’t worry since this March we are promoting awareness on how to prevent this disease.

Here are steps you can do to prevent it

Get Screened Every Year

If you’re over 50 to 75 years of age, see a doctor and get checked for colorectal cancer. Examination tests help prevent the cancer by searching for abnormal cell growths so they can be eradicated. It also helps in finding the best treatment once cancer is detected early.

Live an Active Life

Exercise more and don’t live a sedentary life. Since you are already in your senior years a simple 30 minute slow walk around the neighborhood can give the needed exercise on your body without stressing it out.

Watch out your weight

Maintain the ideal weight. Eat healthy foods and lessen fatty food in your diet as they trigger weight gain. Consult with a dietician to know the right food that will help you reach your weight goal and be at optimum health.

Drink alcohol as little as possible

Minimize alcohol drinking. Alcohol is known to damage internal organs if taken excessively. So be gentle and drink it moderately.

Quit smoking

There are thousands of chemicals from smoking that are found to be cancerous and its effects are magnified as you get older. So you are likely to get more cancers as you get older and keep your smoking habit.

Quick Reminders

  1.   You won’t always experience symptoms once you get a colorectal cancer. There is a big chance you can have it and may not know you are carrying it.

Typical symptoms of colorectal cancer are the following

  • Stomach aches that keep happening and won’t subside with ointments or pain relief tablets
  • Weight loss for no apparent reason
  • You see blood on your stool2. The risk of getting colorectal cancer increases as you age. People 50 years and above are most likely to have the disease with a rate of 80%.

Also if you have the following health lifestyle you have an increased risk of getting this cancer

  • Having a diet low in fiber and high in fat
  • Not taking enough fruit and vegetables in your meals
  • Drinking too much alcoholic beverages
  • Not having regular physical activity
  • Being obese or overweight
  • Tobacco smoking or chewing

Ask your doctor what’s the best screening option for you:

  • FOBT, High sensitivity fecal occult blood test
  • stool test
  • Colonoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • FIT, fecal immunochemical test3. Get inspiration and learn from people who survived the cancer

Clint Willis a colon cancer survivor from Evansville, IN. was diagnosed with colon cancer when he was 59 years old. He had a colonoscopy test done and the cancer was found out in its early stages. The following chemotherapy and surgery treatments done helped him win over the disease in a relatively quick amount of time. He highly advises getting screened regularly to detect any cancer from early on and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent most cancers.