You are a miracle!

You are a miracle!

I’d like to introduce to you the most amazing person in the world…you! Your attitude about yourself and life is everything.

 Have you ever had a “gut feeling” to do something and you didn’t and still to this day regret it? Have you ever been told by people that you have to do something, and your gut feeling told you not to but you did it anyway just to please people, and later wished you hadn’t? Of course, we all have. Well, it’s time to get back to listening to your “gut feelings”.

One of our patients at New Hope Unlimited that was trying to heal from cancer told me once that he believed the finest, most precise machine ever created in the history of mankind was the human body. I thought about his statement and I, too, believe it to be true. Our body knows how to breathe, how to let us know when it is hungry, how to let us sleep when it needs to be revived after a long, hard day. Our body’s cells know how to grow and divide in order to provide new healthy cells for us. There is so much more to ourselves that we will never understand. We have been trained, however, to let the drugs or the medical society “fix” us. We need to try to get back to listening to our common sense.

Yes, this may sound a little crazy, but think about the animals. Let’s take for instance a wild deer that walks up upon a beautiful inviting red berry bush that is irresistible to eat. All of a sudden the deer’s tongue begins to swell and the deer now realizes that the red berry was poison. The deer does not run to the emergency room, but has a sixth sense about itself that there is an antidote close by. It is said that for every poisonous plant, God has put within ten feet away from it the antidote. The deer was able to listen to its “gut feeling” on which way to turn. We were born with that same instinct. Remember the recent tsunami? It was reported that although there were thousands of human lives lost, not one animal could be reported as losing its life. The animals listened to their sixth sense to run to higher ground. Have you ever noticed right before a storm, all the birds will go and nest down to get ready for the bad weather? Our problem has been that we have been trained that we do not have that sixth sense.

I am not saying to forget about our health care system. I am saying that if we get back to listening to our own gut feeling or sixth sense, maybe we will not get into the predicaments that we get ourselves into. Our gut feelings will never do us wrong.

When one starts listening to what their body is trying to tell them, then perhaps it can save a life from a deadly stroke, heart attack or cancer. Our medical society has identified symptoms that can alert us when there is a problem. The problem however is that we have become too busy to listen to what our body is telling us. We need to slow down and listen more.

God gave us an infinite intelligence. We have forgotten how to use it, but it is never too late. Remember who you are…an amazing person!

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