Screening for Prostate Cancer

Screening for Prostate Cancer


Dr Sanjay Gupta, M.D. announced on CNN this morning that The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently announced that they are no longer recommending prostate cancer screening (PSA) for men. They reported that the prostate specific antigen, or PSA test does more harm than good because if the test shows positive for prostate cancer, the treatment involved could render a man impotent, incontinent, or even kill him.This is the same group that last year said women in their forties (40) no longer needed to get mammograms.

A spokesperson for the Prostate Cancer Foundation told Dr Gupta the recommendation is  “a tremendous mistake.”

The American Cancer Society recommends that all men over 50 years of age should talk with their doctors about whether or not they need a PSA.

The American Urological Association stated they feel that it is important to make an informed decision about screening. They also stated that all men with a life expectancy of ten  years or more should have a baseline PSA test at the age of forty.

I have been in the medical field now since 1975. It is my opinion that early prostate testing can still save lives. Yes, I do believe that some chemotherapy and radiation can shorten a life because it has been proven in studies that more cancer patients die from side effects rather than the cancer. For this reason, it is important to become knowledgeable of the disease itself, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, Integrative medicine, and preventive medicine. Please talk to your doctor and do not ignore your prostate health. I encourage you also to check with a Naturopathic physician so that he or she can help you to build your immune system and stay healthy or get healthier.

Let’s try not to take life for granted. We only have one body and we are the one who owns it. Keep up the PSA testing and improve your immune system!


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