Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is when you opt to delay accomplishing a task that should have been done earlier or the previous days. It is when you are not able to finish your activities for the day that before you know it, your list of to-dos is already cluttered with unfinished jobs and you no longer have an idea how to manage them anymore. Yes, this is a habit that will put your life in huge mess so you have to learn to overcome it. Here are ways how:

Overcoming Procrastination

1. Recognize your tasks for the day and then set a time schedule for each of them. Better yet, make a to-do list. Write down tasks from your top priorities to less important. Include everything that you need to do. Break big tasks into smaller ones so you are completely guided. Each time you place a cross to an activity that you are able to complete, you will feel proud of yourself.

2. Soon as you begin each chore, learn to concentrate on it. Never think about what’s coming next or never look forward to finishing them or else you will end up being overwhelmed and doing less than you should (or worse, accomplishing nothing).

3. Avoid multi-tasking. For someone like you who are trying to stop procrastination, you should do your job one at a time. You may want—or need—to get a lot of things done but admit that you can’t. Or else, you will end up not being able to finish a single duty.

4. Do not try to come up with a perfect work all because you need to impress somebody. Do not expect too much from your project all because it is a “life and death” situation. If you try to become perfect, you are placing too much pressure on yourself. Unfortunately, perfectionism results to postponement. You will probably say “I’ll do this later. I’ll be able to do something better later. I need things to be faultless.”

5. Take a break. Do not forget to include this in your schedule. This is a requirement specially if you feel tired or nothing is already coming out of your brain. The more you lose your focus, the more you will delay your work.

6. Eliminate distractions. Do not try to open one of your social media accounts or you will be tempted to read or to post status or pictures. Likewise, do not work with the television on or you will tend to watch. As much as possible, designate a specific workplace for yourself.

7. Motivate yourself. Tell yourself, “I will do this.” Do not say “I should do this.” “Should” implies obligation and procrastinators hate this. It may also help if you read inspirational or motivational books.

To avoid procrastination, you should also prevent yourself from accepting tasks that you know you cannot possibly accomplish. Again, you will only overwhelm yourself with work. It may also do wonders if you set a fine for yourself, like treating your family members to dinner every time you procrastinate.

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