New Study Reveals Red Meat Can Kill

New Study Reveals Red Meat Can Kill

A new long term study suggests that eating any type of red meat significantly raises one’s risk of premature death. A diet high in red meat can shorten a life’s expectancy according to researchers at Harvard Medical School.

The study tracked an upward number of 110,000 adults for more than 20 years. Researchers found that both processed and unprocessed meat appears to increase the risk of a premature death. It has been known for years that red meat can be associated with increased risks of cancer, heart disease, cholesterol problems, and diabetes. Substituting red meat with chicken, fish and nuts lowered the risk.

At New Hope Unlimited, as well as at most alternative medical facilities, we advise cancer patients to lessen or stop their intake of red meat for several reasons. In todays food market, most all of the red meat now is produced with antibiotics and hormones. Some companies are spraying the meat with red dyes in order for the meat to look healthier. Let’s not forget, it has been in the news that we possibly could be eating cloned beef and not know it.

I recently heard an interview by Christian Wilde, an author and researcher who has devoted several years to exploring ways of early detection and prevention of heart disease. In his book, Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke, he confirmed inflammation’s role in complicating heart disease and cholesterol problems.

Mr. Wilde stated that the recent Harvard study was a 20% overall mortality risk, a 21% increase in heart death risk, and 16% cancer mortality. He agrees that increasing your intake of red meat with processed foods increases one’s risk another 16%. Hot dogs, sausage, bacon, packaged ham, eaten several times a week can be deadly. His advice is moderation. You can read more about Christian Wilde on

We all cannot be or become vegetarians. All bodies are just not built for it, however, there is enough scientific evidence that proves we need to cut back on the red meat. The problem I see is that people are eating more chicken, which is also possibly going to show up in a study that proves it’s bad for us. Not too long ago we had a chicken rancher as a patient in our clinic who stated that with today’s marketing availability, his ranch can produce chicken for the market in 3 weeks, Yes, that’s what he said. From the time an egg is hatched to the time it is packaged and in the grocery store, it only takes 3 weeks. That means a lot of hormones and growth factors have to be used.

I suggest that if you have a local farmer who can sell meat that has no hormones or antibiotics, you should consider buying from them. There are many farmers who cannot afford the high price of labeling their meat “organic.” On the other hand, a lot of stores are now selling organic meat. I have always wondered why organic meat is so much more expensive than non-organic meat. It is sometimes a great sacrifice for parents with children to eat good clean meat, but in the long run, it may be warding off diseases and helping to improve lifespans.

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