Myths About Your Brain

Myths About Your Brain

We have all heard how we never use all of our brains. Dr. Sanjay Gupta with CNN recently interviewed Dr. Deepak Chopra concerning the myths about our brain. Chopra stated that only 5 percent of our brain’s genes are actually from true gene mutations, or rather that’s what is inherited from our family. He says that the other 95 percent of our brain’s genes can be turned on or off by our lifestyle.

Chopra indicated that we can learn to properly use our brain to achieve health, happiness and spiritual growth. In fact, he went on to say that just after 3 months of changing our lifestyle, 500 genes for things such as inflammation problems, auto- immune illnesses and certain kinds of cancers can be changed to work in our favor.

I have included the video from CNN for you to watch. It’s interesting and if what Chopra says is true, and I believe it is we should all try starting today to live a better lifestyle.

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