How To Motivate Yourself To Hit The Beach (Even If You Don’t Have A Bikini Body)

Are you wondering how to feel any motivation to hit the beach whether or not your body is ready for it? Nothing is quite as overwhelmingly anxiety-producing as the season of bikinis. For most women, the idea of taking it all off in public is second only to getting all your wisdom teeth removed. Sure, you have not had ice cream in months and have been trying to live off a few chopped tomatoes, but it can still cause terror to bare it all. The worst part is that summer can’t be avoided. In fact, you are not alone. Most people have a hard time finding motivation to hit the beach when they don’t have a bikini body. It almost seems as if everyone in the world is totally prepared to hit the beach in the summer, everyone except you. But this is not exactly true. More people feel unconfident than you think Where can you find the motivation? Getting motivated really is half the battle.

Needless to say, feeling motivated can be elusive. Most people love putting things off and saving tasks for tomorrow.  Since this hurts only you, it is a better idea not to procrastinate and to do today what you can do today. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself motivated and to work towards your summer-ready body starting the winter-time. Here are a few tips to get yourself motivated for bikini season.

Positive Reinforcement

Time and time again, the method of the carrot and the stick works. It has been found that the most predictable way to determine satisfaction and dedication is the rewards that a person feels he or she will be receiving. This accounts to about seventy-five percent of personal motivation towards accomplishing goals.

Confidence Is Sexy

Feeling comfortable in your own skin, no matter how ready or not you are for the beach is the sexiest quality of all. As hard as it is to feel great in a bikini, being kind to yourself will work wonders for your motivation. Look at all your great qualities rather than the opposite. Surround yourself with friends that help you feel great rather than the opposite. Remember, bikinis are pieces of clothing, not really a measure of your self-worth, your beauty or who you are inside. Don’t let that tiny piece of spandex take away your power. Remember, you are perfect as you are, right here, right now.

No Bloating

Bloating is hard to avoid, particularly at that time of the month. Alcohol consumption does not help, either. In fact, avoiding drinks can be the difference between a belly in the morning and a flat tummy. Food that is sodium-rich such as pizza, soy sauce, pretzels and chips won’t help. Eating food in larger portions will cause a bigger waistline. Instead, graze through the day with mini portions. Eat fruit, vegetables and lean protein. This is perfect to get you full without the accompanying bloat.

The Bronze Advantage

There really is no one that looks bad with a tan. Skin that is bronzed covers up cellulite and stretch marks. Tan skin also helps define muscles. Of course, everyone is familiar with the dangers of tanning. Give yourself a cake and eat it too by buying yourself a bronzing cream instead. Get the glow without the detrimental health effects.

The Hair Down Under

Since there are decreasing bikini sizes every season, it may be necessary to trim your hair down under. This may be a new or not-so-new topic. Regardless of how familiar you are with hair down there, the most economical method is to shave. Getting a waxing professionally can be the method that works for you. You can also try hair removal with lasers, as the results are permanent. The end result is simply worth it.

Exfoliation Does Wonders

It is essential to make your skin look its best when you are hitting the beach. Dead skin cells can make your arms and legs look scaly, dull and dry. One best way to fix this situation is to do some exfoliation. You can use brushes, sponges or scrubbies. Find solutions and creams that contain dead sea salt or glycolic acid. Mix sugar with coconut oil and slather this on to your skin before you rinse off in the shower. You will love how soft and exfoliated your skin gets.

You Are In Control

That’s right; you are in control of where you put the focus. If you don’t quite have a six-pack or the slimmest thighs in the world, find a way to take attention off those areas and move it to a more flattering focal point. If you have no trace of a tan, use a tinted moisturizer or bronzer. If your teeth are your best asset, go ahead and smile your best smile. Just because you are at the beach does not mean your hair should be piled on top of your head. Try and look your best even at the beach. No one is really as critical as ourselves, remember.

The Right Suit

Even if bikinis look like mere fabric swatches, they are not created equal. Everything from cut to color will count. No two swimsuits are created equal and finding which kind is most flattering to the type of body you have is essential to getting you motivated to hit the beach. Know what accentuates your best assets and what looks great on you. There are guides for style you can check out and whether it is a boy short, high rise, low rise, skirt or Brazilian cut, the right cut will make all the difference. If you prefer a pattern to a print, remember that it should not take all the attention away from you.