Morning Health Habits of the Experts

I can remember my parents sometimes saying, “Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?” Sometimes maybe I should have gone back to bed and got up on the right side. Ever feel that way?

The choices we make after waking each morning can set the tone for our entire day and affect our health.  It is so easy, however, to get off track when we feel pulled in a million different directions as soon as that alarm goes off.  Creating healthy a.m. habits can pay off. We should always take time for a balanced breakfast that helps you stay at a healthy weight and can stabilize blood sugar levels.  Those a.m. workouts are great for our body and may burn more body fat and have less stress. Some top health experts take advantage of the quiet morning hours to set goals and practice mindfulness.  This can help in boosting your brainpower, increasing focus, handling stress better and improving relationships.

Here are 5 top ways the experts take care of their own physical and mental health every single morning:

Morning Health Habits of the Experts

1. They never skip breakfast

If they are running late a slice of whole wheat bread or one waffle with peanut butter will suffice.

2. They sweat first thing

Working out in the a.m. can give you time to think out your daily routine and problems. Challenge yourself to step up your workout.

3. They wake up early to have time for themselves

By waking early you can take care of your family and yourself and will be physically and mentally ready to care for your family, your clients and yourself.  “Me” time is important and can positively set the stage for the rest of your day.

4. They set goals

The night before try writing out an “action list” with 3 to 5 things as a goal.
This simplifies the morning and gives a clear headspace. Think of 3 things you are grateful for as soon as your eyes open in the morning.

5. They start each day mindfully—and gratefully

Just the process of the sound of beans in the coffee grinder and aromas of coffee brewing starts things off right.  The first hour of the day can set the precedent for rest of the day. Meditation might help to clear your mind and prepare you mentally for the day ahead.  It can also help to keep things in perspective with a few minutes of gratitude at the end of the meditation.

The five top health experts interviewed have given an insight into ways we can set our goals and receive peacefulness, mental clarity, and organization into our lives.  We may all have different ways of achieving what these doctors do, but it should always start with that first opening of the eyes in the morning! This advice comes from a cardiologist to an author and medical editor.  They can’t all be wrong, so try it! Seek a healthier and more grounded you! You deserve it.

Dr Fredda Branyon