The Master Thymus Gland

The human body is an amazing complex deal! Did you know that the thymus gland is considered to be the “master of the immune system”? This gland is so important and is essential to the maturation and maintenance of the cells of the immune system. This great master is a pinkish-gray organ that lies below the thyroid gland and in the upper chest area (thorax) behind the breast bone (sternum). This little pinkish gland can do important work for a cancer patient or someone who is trying to recover from an illness.

Science has proven that as we age the thymus degenerates and doesn’t do the job it needs to do to help the immune system to fight off troubles. The thymus is most active during a child’s early life but as we reach puberty the gland starts to shrink and degenerate and is eventually replaced by connective tissue and fat. Since the thymus gland is such a large part of the immune system, this may explain why children bounce back so quickly from illnesses such as colds and we adults have to fight a cold with everything we have.

What Are The Functions Of The Thymus Gland?

Our immune system’s job is to protect the body against outside invasions such as parasites, viruses, bacteria, good cells that turn abnormal and much more. The master thymus gland produces mature lymphocytes to help maintain the surveillance of the army that circulates in the body and helps the army to stay alert and pay attention in order to quickly defend the body from harm. I would like to encourage you to investigate and learn more about your wonderful thymus gland because I believe that one day it will be fully understood how important this gland is to the human body.

Not too long ago doctors and scientist believed that after puberty, the function of the thymus gland was so decreased there was nothing one could do but suffer through what life gave you. It was just a normal process of aging. However, new science breakthroughs have proven the thymus gland can be regenerated to work like it was created too.

Be Careful When Buying Healthfood Store Thymus

There are many products on the market today that are said to rebuild the thymus gland. Beware! If you take a thymus extract be sure you know it is a good reputable company that manufactures it and that it comes from clean, non diseased animals. This is a glandular and you can not get glandular from plants.

Our doctors at New Hope Unlimited try to rebuild our patients thymus gland since it helps create and puts out such important immune system fighters. Remember, the thymus gland is the Master of the immune system and the immune system is our first and last defense system.

Dr Fredda Branyon

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