Kids with Cell Phones

Kids with Cell Phones


I just recently heard a statistic that 9 out of 10 children under the age of 10 have cell phones now. Wow, can you imagine the money the cell phone companies are making? For each child with a cell phone, there is a parent or guardian who also has a cell phone. But money is not the topic I would like to bring up. How we spend our money should be for us to decide. I am attempting to put the idea that we all take another look at the health advantage or disadvantage of our children having cell phones.

Oh, how well I remember when I was a kid and didn’t have what everyone else had. That just seemed so unfair that my parents wouldn’t provide everything I wanted. As an adult now, I realize that some things my family just could not afford, while others my parents knew it was not good for me. I might add that when I was a child, cell phones had never been invented. We still had the rotary dial phones and party lines. If you were driving and needed to call someone, you had to look for a phone booth. Have you noticed how many phone booths are available now? Almost none. Most children have no idea what a phone booth is. Yes, we have come a long way in such a short time.

Parents are trying to provide what they feel are the best for their children. Having children carry cell phones seems like a good idea. You can keep up with them easier. They have a phone in case of trouble. They have it because everyone else does.

We can rationalize many reasons for getting our children cell phones, but at what stake? No sane parent would deliberately give their child a deadly tool to use daily. However, if a parent hasn’t educated themselves and their children on the pros and cons of that tool, it could become deadly. I am writing this article to help us become aware and search out the truth if we can find it. This is part of preventive medicine, using your own research to find out what is best for you and your family.

It is scientifically proven children under the age of 10 absorb twice the amount of radiation than adults. The cell phone radiation is absorbed across the child’s brain because their brain case is much thinner than an adult. It has also been proven that a child’s ear is much thinner than an adult’s ear so the cell phone radiation is closer to the head. Many doctors and scientist are saying that children should not use cell phones period.

A group of scientists from The Environmental Trust are rethinking a study from last summer 2011 which said that cell phones do not lead to the increase of brain cancer in children and teenagers. They are indicating that the “peer review” was flawed.

I recently heard an award winning journalist, William Thomas, comment on cell phones for children. Mr. Thomas stated, “This was another flawed study designed to fail to find a cell phone cancer link that failed to failed.” The original study found that brain cancer doubled in children using cell phones.

There was an Interphone Study which 13 countries around the world heavily criticized it for rigging the study perimeters. The study found that the use of cell phones with people by the age of 20 increased the risk for brain cancer in about 400 percent. Thats huge. Why would they lie? they have nothing to gain. I always like to look between the lines or what is there to gain. As far as I know, they are not making money off of saying there is a cancer risk, but perhaps they are scientist who are truly trying to save us from ourselves.

There are thousands of studies and authoritative reports on cell phones. There are very alarming statistics. In 2011 The American Brain Institute said that brain tumors are the leading cause of death in children under the age 15 and young adults up to the age of 34. That could mean that nearly a quarter of a million people in the United States will be diagnosed with a brain tumor this year.

Please, lets do our own research and decide what is good for our children. Sometimes a “NO” can save our lives.