Janet’s Story: this is the power of HOPE.

Janet’s Story: this is the power of HOPE.

Janet and her husband came to our medical center, New Hope Unlimited, after being told she had late stage lung cancer. She, like all cancer patients was crushed at the news. She had felt healthy all her life but started a cough that she seemed to not be able to get rid of. She was young with four small children. Her doctors had told her there was nothing they could do. Her tumors were in both lungs but the largest tumor was next to her aorta therefore they could not do surgery. They did not offer chemotherapy or radiation because of the position of the largest tumor. She asked her oncologist about alternative medicine and received the common answer that so many cancer patients hear, “They will just take your money. Go home and enjoy your family while you can.”

That was not a good enough answer for Janet. She explained to us that she wasn’t ready to just roll over and die. She had four little girls who needed her and she needed to see them graduate from school. She choose to come see us as her last resort. She and her husband prepared themselves to come for treatment, getting babysitters, the carpool changed over, and someone to fill in at work. I also must add that most of her family and friends thought she was crazy for doing something so “out side the box.”

Approximately one and a half months after starting her treatment plan, most of her lung tumors had disappeared and her largest one was eighty five percent reduced. This was accomplished with only using alternative medicine, no chemotherapy or radiation. I tell Janet’s story because it is only one of hundreds we have come across where people could be dying prematurely. If Janet had listened to her oncologist, she would not have been able to see her girls get older. Let’s be careful not to blame Janet’s doctors on what could have been a very bad outcome.

The United States has excellent doctors who have trained and passed the rigid confines of the medical world. Doctors are good people. Most doctors become doctors because they want to make a difference and become healers in order to help people.
It is not always the doctors fault for giving what some may call bad advice, but sometimes their hands are tied. They are trained and taught a certain way, not necessarily the best and only way, but a way.

The United States health care system starts with the American Medical Association (AMA). This institution dictates how things can and can not be done. Doctors can get into trouble if they do not listen and abide by what the AMA thinks is right. I am 100% in favor of protecting the patient from harm and fraud. However, there are some things that has never harmed anyone but indeed helped to accomplish the journey to health. There are many lives to prove this.

I have spoken to many doctors around the United States who complain that they would love to do more protocols for their patients but are afraid of loosing their license. There are many protocols for cancer that have been used around the world and proven over the years to work in many cancer cases. However, if doctors in the United States choose to use these protocols, they not only have the chance of loosing their license but also may become known as a quack, therefore no longer receiving referrals from the doctors down the street.

Simple IV therapies such as Vitamin and Mineral IV’s may possibly help someone going through chemotherapy to withstand the treatment easier. We have seen this time and time again.

I wanted to tell Janet’s story, not to bash the American medical system, but to give hope that more and more doctors will see there is more than just one way. Sometimes a combination of ways can be of great value to someone who has been told there is nothing else to do. I wish this was a country that could work together for the good of the patient and their individual needs. This is only my opinion and my wish.

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