Homework Stress and Our Kids

Homework Stress & Our Kids

Homework Stress and Our KidsIf you are still blessed with children at home, we have some suggestions to make their homework more stress-free and enjoyable. Also, there are some good tips for you parents as well.

When your child is ready to do their homework, let them do it wherever it is most comfortable for them. They might like working in their bedroom or might prefer the kitchen counter. Just so they are happy with where they are. They should be free from distractions as TV, phones and siblings that might be playing. Keep the area well stocked with the items they might need. Kids are all different so give them a snack and then have them do their homework after that and on a regular schedule. Consistency is definitely a plus and will help with realizing success.

Do NOT correct your child’s work. They receive that work from their teachers for a good reason, and do it mostly to track a child’s learning and progress. They really need to see what the child is doing entirely on their own. But, if your child is having trouble with their homework, you should talk with their teacher. It’s normal for the child to need a parent’s guidance or to ask questions, but the answer isn’t for you, the parent, to do the work.

The amount of time for them to spend on homework is usually 10-20 minutes per day for K-2 kids. This will help to reinforce what they’re learning in class without overwhelming them. Researchers have a 10-minute rule that suggests this amount of homework per grade is most beneficial. Even those in high school should not be spending more than 2 hours of homework a night. Homework is a benefit and important part of learning for all kids. Homework for young kids should be short and sometimes involve activities that they enjoy. This leads to success without a lot of struggle. If he/she is being loaded down with too much homework, this will be frustrating and you will need to talk to the teacher for advice.

Some believe that kids today do a lot more homework than 20 or 30 years ago, but research indicates they are actually getting about the same amount as in other generations. They spend more time in other activities than actual homework. Many kids use a computer for their homework. If you are in doubt, ask their teacher. Some teachers post their homework, projects and extra information for students online.

If your child is stressed out over their homework you can help manage the organization and planning. Help the child set priorities; figure out how long a project might take and use a calendar or other planner to help them. Limit the after-school activities to one or two favorites and give your child more time on schoolwork. Encourage the child to ask the teacher for extra guidance if there is a problem. They must learn to feel comfortable asking the teacher for help. Hopefully some of these suggestions will make life easier for you AND your child!

 – Dr Fredda Branyon

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