GMO- Seeds of Deception?

GMO- Seeds of Deception?

Almost everyday now I’ve been hearing something about Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods. Let me tell it to you straight, it’s really beginning to concern me. I’ve been in the medical field for over thirty five years now and I am convinced that our society is getting sicker every day. A lot of people are being diagnosed with terrible diseases, and unfortunately more and more people are getting sick but aren’t being diagnosed. A lot of people go to their doctors with complaints and when there is no “diagnosis” to label them with, people are being put on antidepressants or sleeping pills. People are becoming tired and will tell you they are not sure why. People have trouble sleeping, getting more colds, they seem to catch everything that goes around, more diverticulitis, crohn’s diseases, and much more.

I’m not sure if its really the GMO foods causing a lot of problems to us, but I certainly am beginning to think it is. If you look at the science behind how it is done and processed, the verdict is pretty promising. Recently I heard an interview by Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Jeffrey Smith explained that there are two ways to genetically modify a seed. A scientist can use a “green gun” or by bacterial infection. He went on to say that the tomato was the first genetically modified food released in the United States. Maybe that’s why I remember tomatoes tasted much better years ago than today.

He stated that they take the gene they want to insert from some species, make some changes in the genetic code so it will work, add an “on” switch called the promoter switch which comes mostly from a virus. They are putting together pieces of DNA from a variety of plant kingdoms. They then multiply the number of genes by the millions and then load the gun with the genes. They shoot the gun into a petri dish of millions of plant cells hoping that some of the genes make it into some of the cells. The genes end up near the DNA and a “wound response” integrates the gene into the DNA. Then they clone these cells into a plant and now every single cell of the plant contains the new
gene construction.

He stated that the process of insertion plus cloning, no matter which process is used, can cause thousands of unexpected side effects. Thousands of different mutations up and down the DNA can change the gene expression and cause thousands of new allergens and new toxins.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine
, (AAEM), reviewed some public studies done on animals. AAEM stated, “Several animal studies indicate serious health risk associated with GM food, including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system.”

The AAEM has advised doctors to advise their patients to avoid GMO foods.

The question was asked to Jeffery Smith, “What was the original intent to create GMO foods?” His response was that Monsanto, owns patents to about 90 % of the crops by acreage in the United States. He said that Monsanto’s main thing at first was to sell more weed killer. Their weed killer, Roundup, was going off patent in the year 2000 and they wanted a “defacto Extension” of their patent so they created Roundup Ready Crops.

If the farmers buy the seeds that are engineered not to die when sprayed by roundup, then they had to buy Monsanto’s version of Roundup Ready Crops. This helped Monsanto to maintain their dominance with this most popular herbicide. It has been found that GMO does not increase the crops but lowers the yield. Opposite of what they have suggested.

People who have switched from GMO foods have found improvement with weight problems, restless legs, mental fogginess, allergies, fatigue, infertility, gastrointestinal problems, and more.

Physicians are reporting that GMOs cause inflammation, increase allergies, irritable bowel, crohns disease, skin problems, migraine headaches.

The state of California is trying to get it passed that all GMO foods are labeled so you can choose to buy it or not. So far this year 19 states have tried to get labeling. Vermont tried but had to back down. It is said that Monsanto is fighting against labeling and starting lawsuits against the states. Monsanto concluded that their lawsuits will be based on lack of free speech and commerce problems. Vermont’s governor stated that Monsanto’s funds are greater than the states. Makes no sense to me. Shouldn’t government and the FDA be helping Vermont and the states who would like to see labels?

I have included two sites for you to go to and see free movies concerning this. Let me know what you think and if you would like to see more articles like this. I too am still learning but at least we are trying to educate ourselves in order to prevent disease and illness. This is a great part of preventive medicine.

Seeds of Deception

Institute for Responsible Technology

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