Cancer Treatment and the Professional Patient

Cancer Treatment and the Professional Patient
Over the years I have been very blessed to have met such wonderful patients and their families who have carried the torch of the dreadful cancer diagnosis.
I have had the experience of seeing hundreds of people go through many stages of trying to figure out what, why and how. I have seen that no one has all the answers however there should be a calling upon the land to stop accepting everything you hear as truth. I am not just speaking of the bad news of a cancer diagnosis but of things such as the way patients are being treated and the use of the internet. The internet is a wonderful tool but there needs to be caution for it can be a mole hole of scammers, prying on the ones who feel helpless and desperate.

In todays world, the minute one hears they or a loved one has cancer, the first thing they do is go to the internet to find a cure. Yes, I understand that’s what we all want but if you understand cancer a little better, you will realize that cancer can be a multi-faceted disease. I do not believe that just one thing can cure it. However, I do believe that using the power of the mind is possible to cure oneself but thats a hard thing to accomplish.

Clinics and businesses of all kinds will show an add on the internet with people stating that they had cancer and this one certain product cured them. BEWARE! I have learned that there are professional patients being paid to write these testimonies.

Approximately 9 years ago, I got a call from a famous doctor who was visiting our area. He stated that he wanted to take me to dinner and explain how he could help our cancer clinic grow. I was excited because certainly I wanted us to grow but I also was excited because this famous one wanted to take me to dinner. My ego got in the way.

Once we got to the restaurant and ordered our food, he explain to me that we needed professional patients and he could help supply those people. I was just a little naive at the time because I had never heard of these type people. I got excited once again but then I realized that I needed to start asking questions.

When I asked him, “What is a professional patient,” I was floored and lost all my respect for this man. He answered me by explaining that a professional patient is one who you put on the payroll or either pay a company to supply them. These “patients” are people who will write about how sick they have been and took this particular supplement or went to this particular clinic and was cured of their cancer. The really bad thing is that these people had never had cancer, never taken that supplement or never had been to that clinic! This is nothing more than wrong!!! He explained that its a marketing tactic that everyone does. Sorry, I have never allowed this and will never. Needless to say, I have not spoken to this man since.

Please, do not believe everything you read or hear. Search your heart. Ask your Naturopathic doctor or any doctor. As my father always told us kids, “If it seem too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

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