Another Food Recall

Another Food Recall

Moms look in your pantry and check the peanut butter before you make the next peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Smuckers Peanut Butter announced yesterday they are recalling 16 ounce jars of the Natural Peanut Butter Chunky sold in several states because of possible salmonella contamination. The Ohio based company says the jars accounted for in the recall would have been purchased in the last week or so with the “Best if used by dates” as being August 3, 2012 through August 4, 2012. The production codes listed on the jars are 1307004 and 1308004.

Salmonella is a gram-negative aerobic bacteria and can sometimes be caused by eating raw or undercooked meat, eggs or egg products, and poultry. The incubation period for someone to get sick can be between several hours to two days.

Possible signs and symptoms of salmonella can be:

Nausea      Vomiting      Abdominal pain       Diarrhea

Fever          Chills           Headache                Muscle aches

Blood in the stool

Salmonella infection usually last four to seven days. People have to be very careful not to become dehydrated.

A few weeks back I reported on other recalls. I find it very disturbing the amount of food recalls that have taken place in just the past year. I am not sure how we the consumer could predict or know ahead of time of the recall for the peanut butter, but at least we do know that we need to wash our fruits and vegetables as well as we can. I had one lady to tell me she buys hydrogen peroxide and sprays it on her fruits and vegetables after she washes them, and then washes them again. She said that after you wash your tomato (for an example), spray it with the hydrogen peroxide. If any bubbles appear, there, is an area of bacteria. I tried it and I was amazed that I had not cleaned the tomato well enough. I saw a couple of small bubbles appear. Hydrogen Peroxide is very inexpensive. Seems like a lot of extra work to do, but it could save lives.


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