5 Ways to Keep your Heart Healthy

Most people know that keeping your heart healthy plus a good diet and an exercise regimen can keep your heart strong. But what can you do to keep your heart strong? Here are five daily activities you can do to maintain an efficiently working heart. Get the healthiest heart by incorporating these daily habits into your lifestyle.

    • Stay away from second-hand smoke no matter what.

For people exposed to second-hand smoke, the risk of heart disease developing is about a third percent higher than for people who are not. There are about 7,300 lung cancer deaths yearly and 34,000 premature deaths due to heart disease due to exposure to second-hand smoke from tobacco. This is according to the American Heart Association. There is an even greater risk for heart disease developing for non-smokers that have high blood cholesterol or high blood pressure. The reason for this is that cigarette smoke emits chemicals that promote the arteries developing plaque build-up.

    • Don’t sit down too long, ever.

No matter how much exercise you do, sitting down too long is bad for your health. This is suggested by research done in recent years. For people who work at sedentary jobs, this is not exactly good news. When you sit down too long, researchers have found that there is a related 147% increase in cardio events and a 90% increase in events. You are also at increased risk for blood clots when you sit down too long as you travel.

    • Sleep enough.

When it comes to keeping a healthy heart, sleep really is essential. Those who lack sleep get a higher cardiovascular disease risk regardless of health habits or age. A study of more than three thousand adults that were forty-five years old or older found that people who slept less than 6 nightly hours were double as likely to have a heart attack or stroke as those that slept 6-8 hours each night. It is believed by researchers that too little sleep causes a disruption in biological processes, inflammation and blood pressure.

    • Floss your teeth each day.

One great indication of health overall is how healthy your teeth are. This includes your heart since those that have gum or periodontal disease have the same heart disease risk factors. There are continuing studies being done on this issue. However, many studies show that mouth bacteria that cause gum disease to develop can move into the blood and cause the C-reactive protein to elevate which is a marker for blood vessel inflammation. Stroke and heart disease are thus increased as well.

    • Don’t eat trans fat.

There is healthy fat and then there is trans fat. Everyone needs fat in the diet including unsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. Trans fat, however, is another story. Trans fat increases your risk for having a stroke or developing heart disease. Your bad cholesterol levels become raised which causes arteries to be clogged as a result. Tarns fat are found in fried fast food, margarine, snack food and baked food. Instead, find food that lists zero percent trans fat or partially hydrogenated oil in all the food labels you buy.

Keeping your heart healthy involves incorporating a few daily habits that go a long way.