10 Tips of Eating Clean

10 Tips Eating Clean

10 Tips of Eating Clean
Are you sure you’re eating clean? Check out these 10 tips to find out if the food you eat is ideal for eating clean.


In line with the most popular fitness programs that health enthusiast today are patronizing , requires permanent dietary changes.

There are different kinds of laid out diet plans you can search and browse through the internet if you are planning to start your road map to a healthy living and improving your fitness scheme. Take note that every exercise program requires a certain plan for the food intake of an individual.

Loading up your diet with minimally processed foods and choosing more protein over more carbohydrates is also necessary for it allows you to stay fit and  not only it  provides nutrients to support healthy cell function that the body needs but also it sustains the energy needed by the body to recover from a whole lot of workout.

On this note, eating clean can be a good help to maintain your dietary space.

Here are 10 tips to remind you on how eating clean benefits you most.

  1. Drink more water – Thirst is inevitable especially for those hard working health buffs. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water or more and being hydrated will help your body replenish the lost ones during your exercise or daily workout. Furthermore this will help your body to function very well for it flushes away the waste products and toxins in your system.
  2. Balance Diet – Adjusting the portion size of your meal is the key to a balanced and clean eating. You can still have 3 meals a day and snacks in between if you want to. Just watch out for the type and kind of food you eat. You should also allow yourself to have a “cheat day”.  If you think it will not affect your diet plan then its okay, there’s nothing wrong in enjoying and indulging yourself whenever it’s your cheat day.
  3. Say no to preservatives and artificials – Foods that are in their natural state do not have added chemicals in it. It is best to avoid processed meat and fried foods because it can up your cancer risk.
  4. Consume sufficient healthy fats – Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are “essential” because they cannot be synthesized by the body. Just take a good measure of your fat intake to avoid negative effects.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol – Having a cleaner diet also includes cleaning up what you drink. You can still have alcohol, but stay within the recommended limit. Moderate amounts of alcohol intake may be good for your heart, but too much alcohol dehydrates you. It will also add excess calories which will ruin your diet.
  6. Watch the salt – Eating too much salt can increase your blood pressure. Always remember that processed food has a lot of sodium content than homemade ones. To help minimize salt on your food, flavor your food with herbs and spices, and citrus to reduce the salt.
  7. Start to eat whole grains – Whole grains are best sources of carbohydrates. It helps you have long lasting energy that satisfies your needs for a whole day. Eating more whole grains helps you gain a healthier heart.
  8. Up your vegetable and fruit consumption – Vegetables and fruits are good sources of the nutrients everyone needs. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Make sure to have a minimum serving of these foods for it is the foundation to a healthier diet.
  9. Focus on the nutrients value not because of the calories – Do not get too caught up with what you can see. This may make you loss your weight but not keep you healthy.
  10. Sustain a new Lifestyle – Starting out your new diet plan comes with discipline and moderation of what you have started. If you just ignore these 2 things, you will only go back from scratch. No one wants their efforts to be wasted, right?