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Is Himalayan Pink Salt Worth It?

 February 15, 2020

Found primarily in Pakistan, Himalayan pink salt is supposedly a healthier substitute for table salt and a “fancy” alternative to sea salt. The question is: should you make the switch? Background Miners gather Himalayan pink salt from the Salt Range mountains in the remote Punjab region of Pakistan, south of Islamabad. It is a variety […]

Salt Intake

 October 6, 2019

According to an article written by Steven Reinberg of the HealthDay Reporter, processed foods and restaurant meals account for most of our sodium intake in the U.S. diet. In reviewing the salt intake of about 450 U.S. adults, only 10% of salt or sodium in their diet came from food that was prepared by them […]

Lemon & Salt Tonic

 January 23, 2019

  There are many potential benefits of real sea salt and lemon. The sea salt has been proven throughout the years and through science that moderate levels of this is actually good for your heart health and does not negatively affect blood pressure.  Stephen Seifert wrote an article reviewing the benefits of sea salt combined […]

Low Salt Intake

 February 5, 2018

Increased blood pressure and greater risk for heart problems has been linked to high salt intake, but new research is showing that low salt intake may be just as harmful. The Lancet published a study that found low salt or sodium intake may raise the risk of heart attack, stroke and even death, compared with […]

Salty Snack Alternatives

 November 23, 2017

Sodium plays a significant role in enzyme operations and muscle contraction, but consuming too much salt often causes an increase in fluid retention, which does show up on the scale. If you’re attempting to shed a few pounds and can’t control your salty cravings, there is absolutely no harm in indulging. As long as you […]

Inherited Salt Perception

 October 17, 2017

Some people who find they have an enhanced bitter taste perception are almost twice as likely to consume too much sodium as those with less acute tasting ability. Gene variations that allow people to taste bitter more intensely may also taste salt more intensely and enjoy it much more, which can lead to sodium intake, […]

Using Epsom Salts

 December 16, 2016

Are you aware that Epsom salts has astounding health benefits such as de-stressing and detoxifying the whole body? This product is formed from a pure mineral compound containing magnesium and sulfate that can be absorbed through your skin while taking an Epsom salt bath. Both magnesium and sulfate stimulate detoxification pathways in the body. Besides […]

To Salt or Not to Salt?

 April 20, 2012

To Salt or Not to Salt? Wow, for every study that comes out indicating that salt is bad for us, another comes out stating it’s good for us. What and who do we believe? For years we have been told to watch our salt intake or to just do away with salt all together. We […]

4 Notable Women In The Field Of Medicine

 April 2, 2020

In observance of women’s history month, we have chosen these exceptional women who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of the study of the human anatomy and its many ailments. The amount of work they put into their respective achievements has helped save and improve millions of lives. Elizabeth Blackwell This British physician was born […]

A Healthy National Tortilla Chip Day

 February 16, 2020

Tortilla chips are crunchy, salty, and oh-so-delicious whether on their own or served with salsa, guacamole, queso, and other mouthwatering dips. The crowd-favorite snack has become so popular that February 24th is officially National Tortilla Chip Day in the United States. However, they are not the healthiest snack option, says nutrition experts. Tortilla Chips Nutrition […]