Do not leave your Doctor’s office until… (part 1)

8:00 am
Take your medical records with you

Please, never leave your doctor’s office until you have the secretary copy and give you your medical report or reports. Have you ever had to request your medical records from your doctor or hospital and got the “run around”? I am writing this article to inform you of your rights as an informed patient, to […]

The Fast Food Survival Guide

10:15 am
Fast Food

Here is a great video to watch if you are one of those who just has to have fast food. It’s also informative to help those who are on the road traveling and you feel there just aren’t many healthy choices. Fast food should be our last option, for we all know its not the […]

Dendritic Cells

9:42 am
dendritic cells

Many of our cancer patients at New Hope Unlimited are coming to us now because of their ability to educate themselves. The internet is a wonderful dictionary but it can also be very confusing. Trying to explain dendritic cells is confusing because these cells are so specialized and are very complex in how they work. […]

Cancer Treatment and the Professional Patient

5:31 pm
The professional patient - a wolf in sheep's clothing

Over the years I have been very blessed to have met such wonderful patients and their families who have carried the torch of the dreadful cancer diagnosis. I have had the experience of seeing hundreds of people go through many stages of trying to figure out what, why and how. I have seen that no […]

The Importance of Detoxification (time for a little spring cleaning)

8:00 am

The human body is designed so that it has self-regulatory mechanisms which are self healing. A strong healthy body has the capability to eliminate the toxic substances generated. In todays world we are more exposed to many man-made chemicals and toxic substances. The water we drink and the air we breathe is becoming more polluted. […]

The Big Pharma Whistleblower

7:53 am
Big Pharma

Have you ever been relaxing, watching TV and a pharmaceutical drug advertisement comes on? Next time you see one, listen closely to the disclaimers. If you will notice, the disclaimers are getting longer and longer and take up almost half the time of the advertisement itself. There is one that is on these days with […]

The Many Benefits of Onions (other than being a tear-jerker)

5:16 pm

As I was in the produce department of the grocery store today, I was picking out that perfect onion to go home with me and had a flash back about the benefits of raw onions. Sometimes I take the simplest things for granted and forget how important God’s garden can be for us. When I […]

The Threat of Childhood Obesity

4:45 pm
Childhood obesity

Obesity is a major problem in our society, and I especially worry about our children. Not only does it affect their health, but obesity affects a child’s psychological and social behaviors too. A child who overweight may be taunted and bullied, as being overweight is often stigmatized.  Many overweight children develop low self-esteem and may […]

How To Calculate Your Own BMI

10:15 am
Calculate BMI

Have you ever felt like you were overweight but didn’t really know what your Body Mass Index percentage was? We all can get on a scale and see numbers in pounds but what does that really mean in body mass? The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement tool that compares your height to your […]