What You Should Know About Piercings, Oral Jewelry, and Tongue Splitting (Part 2)


While piercings are quite common among individuals nowadays, with mouth piercings among the most frequently seen, tongue modification is something that remains taboo to a greater majority. Nevertheless, more and more people are undergoing these procedures. This is why it is important to educate the public, especially those who are considering getting their tongues split […]

What You Should Know About Piercings, Oral Jewelry, and Tongue Splitting (Part 1)


There seems to be an ongoing trend with tongue modification and oral jewelry, but there is little to no knowledge of the kinds of effects these may have on a person’s oral health. Motivation for tongue splitting remains varied, from increased sensation to challenging oneself. The same can be said for mouth jewelry, specifically piercings, as […]

Common Sores and Other Mouth Irritations You Should Know About


Your oral health is not limited to your teeth. Sores or irritations can also develop in and around your mouth. Fortunately, they usually heal on their own within a week or two. Although several types of soft-tissue disturbances can affect the mouth, we will be discussing four common ones: canker sores, cold sores, leukoplakia and […]

Simple Health Tips for Spring


Almost everyone was eager to bid their farewells to winter and embrace spring with open arms after a harsh winter. More importantly, spring break is here! It’s the perfect time to unwind and enjoy with the family, but more importantly, there is no better time to fine tune your health. The new season brings people […]

Six Spring Illnesses to Avoid This Season


It’s springtime and everyone’s ready for a good time outdoors! Birds chirping, flowers in full bloom, leaves greener than ever—everything looks spectacular and colorful. While winter has been harshly cold, spring offers the perfect weather to go out and have fun. However, there are some diseases and sicknesses that are common during the spring season. […]

Living without Dairy Products

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Lactose is the natural sugar found in milk and in most dairy products. People who are lactose intolerant have inadequate lactase, which can help in digesting lactose. For this reason, they suffer from diarrhea, stomach aches, and others right after taking in dairy products. However, their intolerance differs from their levels of sensitivity to lactose. […]

Healthy Alternatives for Breakfast

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Oh how you love bacon, ham, and sausage for breakfast but your doctor warns you that you have to begin going healthy now or you will become obese and perhaps suffer from a medical condition. But you think, how can you possibly do that? What can you serve in the morning aside from your favorites? […]

Things You Need to Know before Going Vegan

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Being a vegan is not as difficult as you think. Only that, you have to ready yourself for it. You will have to move from eating meat to consuming greeneries and it can’t be that easy if you come unprepared. Below are the things that you should know before you make a decision to become […]

The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plan

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After eating to their stomach’s content on Thanksgiving dinner, many people find themselves complaining because they feel so bloated and unhealthy. While that kind of regret and self-pity won’t last long, it still would be better to have a rescue plan to help your body get rid of all the bad toxins you may have […]

There’s More to Pumpkins Than Pies and Jack-O-Lanterns

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It’s November and Halloween is over. What’s in store for pumpkins now? Aside from being made into pies, there are also several other ways to cook pumpkin. Pumpkins are not just good for dessert and decoration, but they are also worthy of being the main dish and there are plenty of reasons why. With pumpkins […]

Five Simple Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is not the first thing people worry about when they get old. In fact, there are a significant amount of women that have limited to no knowledge about this dangerous, bone-thinning disease. What is worse is that experts are now saying that more women will be diagnosed with the osteoporosis as the population gets […]