Tips to Improve Your Focus

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Distractions are everywhere. No matter how hard you try, you tend to entertain everything that is happening around you. It then becomes difficult for you to concentrate—but you can do some things to increase your focus if you want to. Control your mind. You get distracted because you absorb everything that you see and hear […]

Excuse Me, What? November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

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Across America, in every state, every town or city, there will be that one individual who once carried a vibrant, articulate and larger-than-life personality that is now found sitting stone-faced and distant as an anxious family member painfully observes his or her slow retreat into a terrifying world. The triggers may vary for the onset […]

Poor Sleep Could Put You In A Nursing Home?

Elderly Woman Sleeping

We have recently heard about how the lack of sleep can cause an increased risk of diabetes, weight gain and stroke, but listen to this new study! Did you know that lack of sleep could help put you into a nursing home? The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society revealed elderly women, who experienced the […]

Do not leave your doctor’s office until… (part 2)

Take your medical records with you

You never know when the day may come when you or a family member may need to venture out and try to retrieve medical records. Its not always as easy as it may sound. In Part 1, I spoke about how important it is to get your medical records as you are leaving your doctor’s […]

Do not leave your Doctor’s office until… (part 1)

Take your medical records with you

Please, never leave your doctor’s office until you have the secretary copy and give you your medical report or reports. Have you ever had to request your medical records from your doctor or hospital and got the “run around”? I am writing this article to inform you of your rights as an informed patient, to […]